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July 15, 2011
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ATTENTION : Before Reading Go to Here :…
Put it on 1:03 Then Start Reading Slowly ! Thanks!
PS: This is a wanted effect , If you do not wish To Hear it Do not .

N is For Naruto, N is for Neglected

He was falling down, down to the dark.
Only hatred stood in the eyes of the people, when they looked at him. His own eyes were full with Anger and Will for Revenge. No one was listening to him. No one was looking for him. No one was thinking for him. Everyone hated him.

His Schoolmates mocked themselves of him, his teacher was looking at him with hostility and the whole village was avoiding him. He asked himself, why? Why really?  Tears were falling from his red face, but nobody really cared. He felt so … Neglected, so Painfully Alone, with nobody to help him, to love him, to cherish him.  And His eyes opened, all watery. He saw light, so small, so far, but I was there and then again Darkness …

The day was here. He was just walking alone in the streets. He stopped next to a sweets shop. The owner looked at him with anger and fear. He threw a sac of sweets at him and shouted at him to leave. He felt Neglected again, so sad, so a-alone, he continued to walk until, his preferable place – A forgotten swing near his school. Here he liked to swing and cry, cry his own fate. Nobody was turning any attention to him, and he felt badly, like he was sick. But sick from within …

His eyes closed themselves, and the nightmare came . Darkness, Darkness but there was some light. There was a girl, a girl he liked, named Sakura.  He had a dream,  a dream to become a Hokage. But these thoughts disappeared quickly, and with the night came the anger and the sadness, the Tears and the promises of Revenge. For the whole night they didn't stop to hunt him, his soul felt alone, awfully alone.

And the next day came and he stayed on his swing, maybe the whole day? Maybe only a part of it, he didn't know. He didn't count time because he was just there, there to survive. And the Next Night came, came with more light, and the day too, and the next also with more and more light. Until this event happened, when he found friends and loved ones. He found Love and Calmness, Protection and Heat. He found his true Home, the Home of his Soul .
His name is:
N is for Neglected
A is for Avoided
R is for Rejected
U is for Unloved
T is for Tired
O is My Never-ending Pain

A text By MichelDeV. Please Do Not Copy!  ©
:iconreadplz: :iconreadplz:

I took me 5 days to Get my ass on it , but it took me 30 minutes to Write it :P ...

(The Commas and The Capital letters are there so you can feel "his" feelings better!)

Thanks For Reading , Commenting And Liking! ( I always read My comments)

Attention : This Is My Entry For The N is For Naruto Contest on :iconnarutogroup: - My Word was Neglected!

PS: ~cillechip Will make me a nice cover for this! THANK YOU!
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Retainit Jul 17, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
it was sad but really good. and the music choice was good too, I just felt bad, and guilty, does it even make sense? It was very emotional!
I really liked it :)
MichelDeV Jul 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I love the music of PaulFromStoke (or Paul Collier) And I was randomly listening to Nr 29 adn IT was very Nice!!!
Retainit Jul 17, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
yes, yes it was
o my God... that was too short and sad but great... and thanks God, in the end Naruto found his home ;D i like it
MichelDeV Jul 17, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
xD IT was the point trought... - To put a maximum amount of feelings on the smallest peice of "virtual Paper" possible xD
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